Foods Patients With Joint Problems Should Avoid

21 Sep

If you are a person who has a joint problems, then I assume you are aware about some, if not all, of the foods that you need to stay away from no matter how good they taste can be. I am not a doctor and I don’t have any medical background. I was once an Osteoarthritis patient and I have read a lot of articles and blogs about arthritis and other joint problems. I started reading related articles last year and have decided to create a blog about how I got over OA. Since my story has already been published here in my blog, I am now interested to write anything about arthritis, including the foods patients need to eat and avoid, proper exercise, and other things.

As I have mentioned, I am not a health care professional and I must admit that my knowledge is not enough to give you all the information you need. This is why I need to ask assistance from you. It’ll be a great help if you will help me give tips to patients about the topic I have by posting comments.

Based from my research, here are some of the foods to avoid:



Fried and Processed Foods

Refined Carbs and Gluten


Sweetened — NO!!! For the love of God! These are my comfort foods!!!

I am not sure if they can really make joint pain worse. I don’t feel pain anymore but I am not sure if these foods can trigger my joint problems again. Well, I guess yes. The main reason why I had OA was overweight and I am pretty sure that if I go beyond my weight limit again, I am prone to OA again. 😦

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments. I would be glad to include the foods you think can worsen arthritis. Thanks for reading! 🙂




Swimming or Yoga?

16 Aug

For months, I’ve been thinking about which class should I join, swimming or yoga? I want to keep a physically fit body as I don’t want to suffer from body pains again like osteoarthritis.

Should I go for swimming class and learn different swim strokes? Honestly, I am a good swimmer. I don’t even have ideas of proper ways to swim… Is it too late for me to start now? I mean, I am 23 and I only spent most of my life running… no other sports.


What about Yoga? Based on the responses that I got from posts and comments that I’ve made, Yoga can do great to those who have problems with joints and muscles. Both can help my respiratory system, they can help me improve my reflexes.


It is really hard to choose. Should I keep on doing my research before I decide? How about Yoga in Swimming pool?


I still need more time… I can’t have both and I don’t think I can swim while doing Yoga in pool (I am not sure if they will allow me.. no idea.. LOL).

My Osteoart-write-is Story Continues

12 Aug

Oh I almost forgot I have a WordPress blog account! Nah… just kidding… I didn’t have much time to work on this. I was too busy planning for my BFF’s wedding (I am a wedding coordinator, for those who doesn’t know). Anyways, the following treatment days went pretty well too. My doctor did everything to make me feel comfortable. The first 15-30 minutes of my therapies were spent talking to him. He asked me how my days were, my pains, and all. He even listened to my frustrations. I still can remember how frustrated I was during those days that I can’t get off the bed, waiting for the pain relievers to take effect.

I had a fever after I had my first stem cell extraction, I remember mentioning that on my recent post. The second and third session was good; However, on my fourth and last treatment, my left knee and feet were both swollen. Dr Purita said it was part of the process, which means, the treatment’s taking effect.

I have to stop here now and just continue my osteoarthritis story on my next post. I really do apologize for sharing my story bits by bits. I am thinking of sharing helpful tips and information about how to relieve joint pains (other than stem cell) to help readers, after my last piece of story since I am almost done. 🙂

I hope that you all enjoy reading my post and I wish you all well. Stay happy! 🙂

Dog pictured floating to sleep in owner’s arms has died

23 Jul

Dog pictured floating to sleep in owner’s arms has died.

Stem Cell Treatment – First Session

22 May

I am so glad to see that my osteoarthritis story have caught people’s interests (based from the likes, follows, and comments that it got… thank you, guys!).

To continue my story, my mom and dad talked about stem cell treatment as soon as we got home and it went on for 3 weeks. I am not really sure about the reason why they needed a lot of time to decide on that. I mean, money wise, we could afford the therapy. I guess they were skeptical thinking that it may do damage to my bones and tendons. Well, parents are parents. I didn’t blame them for my prolonged agony and pain. They were just worried parents. 🙂

I was so happy when they told me that they will give stem cell treatment a try. Happy because I’ve searched about it (I know they did that too) and learned that it can really help OA patients like me. Mom told me that we will go back to Dr Joseph Purita the next day (Saturday) and start my therapy (No fasting needed, Yey!).

Dr Purita, again explained the process. He said that I will need to undergo Platelet Rich Plasma Extraction, which we did. He also advised me that he will need to get stem cell from my bone marrow and adipose cell. I really can’t go into every detail of the stem cell treatment process as I might give wrong information. Anyways, the first session was great. My hip was a bit stiff, my knees and feet were swollen, but he said those were normal. I had slight fever that night but was completely gone in the morning. It was Sunday, so I just stayed in bed, read my downloaded ebook, and silently wished that everything will turn out fine….

The Science Of Stem Cell Treatment

14 May

Great read about stem cell treatment. 🙂

The Science Of Healing

NeuronsStatistics shows that the science of stem cell constantly improves over the years, focusing on the effective ways to treat certain orthopedic ailments. Stem cell therapy has been in the field of medicine for decades now. The process of stem cell treatment is very common to people with active lifestyle. Before, this kind of treatment is exclusive for just professional athletes, but because of the positive results, stem cell therapy had become available for all, particularly to those who suffer from arthritis, tendonitis, and golfer’s elbow or medial epicondylitis.

In order for you to deeply understand how the stem cell treatment, you need to have at least the basic idea of how this type of therapy works. Basically, stem cell is a genetic medicine that uses body’s immature cells. The surgeon will harvest some of these cells from the patient’s bone marrow or adipose tissue and try to generate new cells…

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How It All Began

14 May

My passion for running started when I got my first running shoes. I was 8 that time and my parents are so into fitness. They regularly run with me for about 1-2 miles per day and it became a habit for all of us. I was 17 when I started to feel the tingling sensation, stiffness, and numbness of my hips down to my toes. I told mom about it and she had me seen by our family physician. The doctor recommended some painkillers and told me that I was too young to have arthritis and that it was just muscle pain. I didn’t believe him, especially that I felt joint pains. My mom suggested me to take my medicines first and be under observation, and just have a second opinion after few weeks.

Weeks passed, I was still in pain. I couldn’t even walk for half a mile without feeling weak. It felt like my knees wanted to give up on me. I told my parents that the pain relievers that I have could only give me relief for few hours. My parents had me seen by physical therapist and gave me exercise routines to strengthen my bones. I was really depressed because aside from daily running activities with my family, I wasn’t able to join the track and field team, I stayed inside my room every Friday night and spent my whole Saturday with my physical therapist.

On the 7th month, my mom finally told me that we should get another medical advice since both pain killers and physical therapy didn’t do any good on my condition. We scheduled an appointment with Dr. Purita, an orthopedic surgeon. We did some physical and lab tests and he evaluated it. My initial visit took us 5 hours. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. What is that? The first thought came to my mind. Dr Purita explained what osteoarthritis is, what the possible causes are, and the effective treatment.

He told me that the possible cause of my osteoarthritis is because I am overweight. Yes, its true. Although I run for miles every week and do other physical activities, I am still overweight. He told me that the effective way to treat osteoarthritis is through stem cell therapy. He gave us detailed information about stem cell treatment and my mom told me that we will think about it first. My mom was a bit hesitant with medical science, I was not. I really believed that science has brought great things upon men, including medications and treatments. But still, my parents had to decide for it first. So, we went home. Mom was thinking about how effective stem cell treatment is and if it will be the best option for me. I, on the other had, was thinking about when could I start the treatment and was hopeful that it will be effective for me…..