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Foods Patients With Joint Problems Should Avoid

21 Sep

If you are a person who has a joint problems, then I assume you are aware about some, if not all, of the foods that you need to stay away from no matter how good they taste can be. I am not a doctor and I don’t have any medical background. I was once an Osteoarthritis patient and I have read a lot of articles and blogs about arthritis and other joint problems. I started reading related articles last year and have decided to create a blog about how I got over OA. Since my story has already been published here in my blog, I am now interested to write anything about arthritis, including the foods patients need to eat and avoid, proper exercise, and other things.

As I have mentioned, I am not a health care professional and I must admit that my knowledge is not enough to give you all the information you need. This is why I need to ask assistance from you. It’ll be a great help if you will help me give tips to patients about the topic I have by posting comments.

Based from my research, here are some of the foods to avoid:



Fried and Processed Foods

Refined Carbs and Gluten


Sweetened — NO!!! For the love of God! These are my comfort foods!!!

I am not sure if they can really make joint pain worse. I don’t feel pain anymore but I am not sure if these foods can trigger my joint problems again. Well, I guess yes. The main reason why I had OA was overweight and I am pretty sure that if I go beyond my weight limit again, I am prone to OA again. 😦

Feel free to share your thoughts and comments. I would be glad to include the foods you think can worsen arthritis. Thanks for reading! 🙂